Palmai Succulent Garden Kft. was established in 2019, in Hungary, Budapest as a family business. Our nursery cultivates and sells succulents and cacti. We have our focus on rare succulent plants. We have many years of experience in the plant’s specific requirements for optimal growth and health. Our team possesses extensive expertise in rare succulents, having studied their diverse needs and growth patterns. We stay abreast of the latest advancements in succulent cultivation and are well-versed in providing tailored care instructions for each unique variety. At our nursery, we pride ourselves on maintaining an extensive selection of rare succulents. Our inventory comprises a wide array of uncommon species, sought-after cultivars, and captivating hybrids, ensuring that our customers can find truly distinctive and remarkable plants. We recognize that rare succulents require specialized care, and we take pride in offering personalized attention to every plant. Our team is dedicated to providing detailed guidance on proper watering, light exposure, soil composition, and other essential aspects to help our customers successfully cultivate and enjoy these exceptional specimens. We are delighted to have received numerous positive reviews from our customers who have acquired rare succulents from us. Their testimonials speak to our commitment to providing high-quality plants and exceptional customer service, ensuring that enthusiasts and collectors have a fulfilling and successful experience with our rare succulents.

How to order:

Please look at our actual plant list for sale. We can send you your order via post/UPS. We take great care in packaging our rare succulents to guarantee their safe arrival. We offer various shipping options to cater to different needs, including expedited and standard delivery. We collaborate with trusted shipping carriers known for handling live plants with care. Additionally, we provide tracking services and optional insurance coverage for added convenience and customer assurance. Our phytosanitary certificates offer an assurance of the health and integrity of our rare succulents. By providing phytosanitary certificates, we simplify the shipping process for our customers, especially for international orders. These certificates serve as essential documentation required by customs and plant quarantine agencies, confirming the health of our rare succulents and compliance with import regulations.

Payment: bank transfer or PayPal.

Thank you for your interest! Please feel free to browse our selection of rare succulents and place your order at your convenience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.